Nepali best foods to eat: Six dishes you must try in Sikkim

Sikkim is an extremely faith and diversity state in India, with lovely boutique and great in hospitality. Also considered as India’s 100% organic state with lots of organic food in local Resturants. Food in Sikkim has been strongly linked by both Indian and Foreigner, and in places like Gangtok, there is a growing interest in local organic restaurants which provide 100% Organic Food and Drink. Much of the local cuisine can taste a bit bland if people are used to the spicy food, but the diet in Sikkim receives a good deal of praise for its health giving properties.

  1. Dal Bhat                                                                                                                                                    Dal Bhat is one of the most popular food in Sikkim; you’ll only find this type of food in Nepali Resturant. The basic ingredients of this are rice and lentil soup. It consists of steamed rice and a cooked lentil soup called dal. It is a staple food in Sikkim where Nepali eat twice Dal Bhat in a day.  It is composed of white rice (Bhat) and lentils (Dal) and it is typically accompanied by a vegetable curry (tarkari), a mixture of spicy vegetables (pickles) and greens organic vegetable. It is eaten with papadums in a large metal tray. Do find some Nepali Resturant in Sikkim; to have your food experience. If you are not Vegetarian you can also try Nepali style of “Masu Bhat”, Masu (Meat) Bhat (Rice)

2 . Makki Ki Roti aur Sarson ka saagWell, you can’t have good experience in Sikkim without this dish. It is eaten mostly during winters season but you’ll only find in some restaurants around Sikkim. Makki di roti is a bread made from corn flour and is baked on a pan, whereas Sarson ka saag is prepared by first boiling and then grinding mustard leaves and spinach. It forms an indispensable part of the rural Indian diet.

So, do you know the secret behind it because Sikkim is the pure organic state so this could be pure organic too? Do try this one.

3. Nepali style of MoMo 

Unlike MoMo you eat in other states, receipt of Nepali MoMo has hidden secret and only Nepali know how to make this. You’ll also get momos are prepared with virtually any combination of ground meat, vegetables, tofu, paneer cheese, vegetable & meat combination i.e both veg MoMos and Meat MoMos. I bet you can’t stop eating here.

Do try it but be sure you’ll go only in local people’s street restaurant otherwise your taste will be disfavor.

Sounds yummy? Trust me, it is.

4. Sel RotiHere you can taste the very famous fast food dish from Sikkim – Sel Roti which is amongst the most loved dish in Sikkim.  And is a Nepali traditional homemade, sweet, ring-shaped rice bread/doughnut. It is mostly prepared during Dashain Diwali and some Puja festival.

Interestingly, this Nepali dish surpasses the financial barriers of rich and poor as it is cherished by all!

Do try this in some rural area of Sikkim, You’ll never find this type of lovely dish in other states. We have also put this is experience section (where you can learn to make it): Learn to make sel roti in 4 hrs


5.  Aloo Dum

What all Sikkim gave us: Bhaichung Bhutia and Danny Denzogpa, World’s 3rd highest mountain, Cleanest and green state, peace, and tourism… ehh! Not just this they have given us great organic food receipt too- Aloo Dum is one of them too. Aloo Dum is basically a fermented crepe made of boiled potato and mixing various masala and other great receipts (ohh!! sorry I can’t write secret here). Go eat in some local restaurants you’ll find some best spicy too.

Aloo dum tastes best with Sel Roti (as I showed above), It is one finger-licking dish, my friend, literally!

Why KFC? Even Aloo Dum taste better too!

6. Nepali Thukpa

It’s still not out about Sikkim’s best food but great for the evening meal. There’s the mildly flavored Chicken and Veggie Thukpa found in Sikkim with local style of cooking. You can’t have a perfect evening without this food as a meal.

The vegetables used in the preparation are fairly common such as mushrooms, cabbage, onion etc. You can also enjoy this great taste at home or in Local Resturant. Soups can generally be served through the year anytime and this one of noodles is also good enough for a meal. Since it contains vegetables and chicken, it also gives ample amounts of nutrition. Make it less or spicier based on your personal taste.

Enjoy it with your family and friends. Oh no, enjoy yourself….. Cheer!!!!


You can find best Hill Resturant for all this food connect with us at HillRoom , and ask us we’ll show you best restaurants within the minutes.

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Know more about Inner Line Permit in Sikkim

The states that Indian tourist traveling to Sikkim do not need any inner line permits. All they needed is Identity proof like – voter card or adhar card. ILP only applied on the restricted area like – Nathula/ Changu/Baba Mandir/Zuluk and North Sikkim because this area is restricted due to border and military base. Going to this place Sikkim’s people also needed to make ILP enter into restricted area.  Sikkim is in the north-eastern state of India which is surrounded by border country.

Image result for inner line permit in sikkim

If you are foreigner you need to do some research – You are not allowed to enter in the Military base area like Nathula, Baba Mandir, and other restricted areas. Do connect with some OTA or Travel consultancy on this. Foreign national must have the visa to fill up forms in Rangpo check-post.

Many drivers will also help on this but be sure not to get cheated by them; you can also ask Police check post near the gateway of Sikkim – Rangpo about this all. To make ILP for Changu lake/ Baba Mandir you can ask any travel agency or your driver before 7 am morning- office will be open till 10 am all you need is 2 pass photo and your local document like- Adhaar/ voter card.

Image result for gateway to sikkim rangpo

For Nathula ILP You need to apply before 1-2 day – there is much work needed to do on this like making a draft from state bank of Sikkim and submitting a draft to the police station before 1 day and they’ll verify it. Local travel agent/ driver will also help you on this.
Do fill an application form to get your permits approved or ask your agent or driver to do it. Please remember Nathula and Baba Mandir/Changu Lake Permit is the difference. Both forms are available in any local travel agent also you can download it from here.

The cost of Inner Line Permit for Changu/Baba Mandir comprises of INR 50 per person as Travel Tax applicable and environment tax, wildlife protection fee. For Nathula you need to pay 300 per person (200 bank drafts + 100 Travel Tax fee).
HillTravel will also provide the facility of obtaining Inner Line Permits for guest. For that, you’ll have to share the attested photocopies of your ID proofs with our team through the mail/website chat. The approval procedure for a permit may take from 0.5 to 2 hours and after approving our Team will get you back. For foreign national please do connect with HillTravel Consultancy for the same.


You don’t have to worried at all do connect with our HillTeam for the free consultant on your permit.

The Rise of the Smart-Village Tourism

 The computerized world is tapping a wide range of pictures of the village to know where individuals scan for what, hidden virgin beauty, in what might be recently the begin of a far-reaching development in how village to age keeps running for the travel business.

 Village in west Sikkim

The village in Hill station like Sikkim has an approach before they can be viewed as brilliant village tourism. Be that as it may, they’re getting shrewd really quick than different urban communities of India.

In only the previous couple of years, Pelling a small village in west Sikkim and different village crosswise over Sikkim like Zuluk, Rinchenpong, Lachen, Zuluk, Ravangla have started to ascend in travel industry—about noise, messy, movement, swarmed, stopping references and the sky is the limit from there—to handle a significant number of the issues of urban city tourism. Regardless of whether it’s making it less demanding for the traveller to discover parking places, concealed excellence, stream, snow-topped mountain, nourishment, and experience way of life or guaranteeing quiet go to perceive what’s inside nature and breathing mountain applauded air and experience nearby made sustenance and wine- there’s a google and OTA are starting to change the way village areas work.

Nowadays technology has reached overall – even the guest can reach to host via WhatsApp and even in Sikkim about 90% Homestay have the facebook page where they can post about their services and attach guest.

According to Hill Team’s experience in small village named Rimbi in west Sikkim – Village have just scratched the surface in using the digital method but the 4G network haven’t reached there, but big changes are already underway in leading smart village tourism”

What makes village tourism is overtaking urban big cities tourism, even Nathang valley in East Sikkim have more tourist attraction than a south district capital city Namchi.

Indeed, even in one small village in west Sikkim named “Darap” where individuals still don’t get great 2G network, in 2017 April we attempt to put our innovation in some homestay since proprietor don’t have great education and their website worked by another person isn’t running admirably and proprietor have no thoughts how to oversee site, yet good thing is we tapped our innovation where we can deal with all thing so proprietor don’t need to stress.

After few day he begins getting many calls regarding of the room, now he’s cheerful as he deals with all thing by the call.


Image result for darap homestay

HillStay Darap – Village Homestay where owner use just whatsapp to connect with guest. 

Despite the fact that town has been utilizing the Internet in different structures for a considerable length of time, the current routine with regards to community examination has just started to take off in a previous couple of years, on account of a large group of innovative changes. Among them: the development of google business wich correct area of Hotel/restaurants and place where visitor can discover it effectively, which significantly zero the expenses of setting in business list; new improvements in cordiality: where homestay and some astonishing star lodging have been come to there which put propelled keen village tourism to build advancement among tourism industry. Also, the across the board utilization of cell phone applications and cell phones that empower visitor and host alike to screen issues and bolster data about them back to town look.

We should discuss “Smart City” arrange in which south Sikkim capital Namchi have granted it however generally individuals have no thoughts whether this is lie or truth expressions of government yet coming through tourism race “Smart Tourism Village” is in front of unfamiliar “Smart City”.

Through telecom have neglected to achieve the web there still, village like Pelling, Nathang, Zuluk, Ravangla, Dentam and different town are pushing forward, discovering more approaches to see the shrouded magnificence of Himalaya. Here’s a gander at a portion of the ways the changing tourism upset is changing the way town are run—and the lives of its inhabitants.

Pathetic internet connection but advance in industry 

When Hill Team was asked to local homestay owner in Darap village about the problem they are facing – Internet is the main problem, sometimes the 2G network will disappear too when urban cities guest is booking village hotel/homestay through Jio 4G the main thing is host are responding it all through 2G. Host’s email also take a long time to open so Hill Team decide to put them to concentrate on WhatsApp so rest will do by Hill Team no matter what, once guest return there with 4G sim they even won’t complain, host, as virgin nature will keep their phone away- they just will use camera: Busy clicking memories.

The village is as yet doing awesome in Travel industry without good internet network thank to google business setting and facebook page promoting which helped them to manufacture brilliant village- all by themselves, yet early discoveries were noteworthy

Swatch Bharat innovative is helping people to keep the village clean and safe too, safer than urban cities.  Since “Smart-City” hasn’t planned yet if it happens “Smart- Village” will still be an advance in the race of development.

Even our team have talked with the various guest about “Village tourism” or “Urban cities tourism” 98% guest give “village tourism” is best of the best as it’s advance because in future many travellers will find boring in urban cities tourism so they will choose village to have experience with nature and chilling with mountain air.

Because of Village Tourism, sikkim is ahead of the cleanist state.

In Sikkim no matter what nowday student are behind to keep always clean since they are inspired by PM Narendra Modi’s vision “Clean India” and they too join hand to keep village clean, security and cleanliness of tourist spots project which will help in attracting more visitors.



Is your summer Sikkim Trip planned well?

Summer is here now! HillRoom teams of expert have selected this should be your travel list.

White River Rafting

Wilderness boating is a standout amongst the most spellbinding and physically requesting enterprise sports Sikkim. Best places for waterway boating in Sikkim are restricted to the slopes in the south and west Sikkim. Tumbling down in quick streams crosswise over stone strewn beds, these quick streaming waterways give a high-activity adrenaline surge like no other.

In Sikkim, the relentless streams streaming down from the unchallenged stature of the Himalayas crosswise over high bluff suspended crevasses and flanked by rich greenery make India the go-to goal for waterway boating. Crowds of enterprise adoring sightseers from everywhere throughout the world come to India to test and agreeable its streams. The remote areas add to the enterprise where trekking up slopes to visit mountain villages and peak religious communities and concentrate wonderfully widely varied vegetation in thick tropical woodlands turns out to be a piece of the experience.

Try not to miss it, it cost you at any rate however you’ll never discover this experience anyplace exciting in the water and yell like you have never yelled.

It opens in all months except July&August due to heavy rainfall and cost depend upon Km ride and will accept up to 6 people per boat.


paraglider in sky active Free Photo

Why just go Sikkim for sight seeing only! Don’t you like to Jump off the mountain and fly like an eagle?

In spite of the fact that some have seen individuals doing paragliding in the sky like a feathered creature~ eagle (backpedal to your youth recollections and discover when did you said you need to remain toward the rear of falcon and need to fly in cloud),seeing so frightened of statues people Not even once thought “Ohh, I need to give it attempt sometime in the not so distant future”. Be that as it may if individuals like Luke Aikins can bounce from 25000 feet without a parachute I thought what the heck, you have to do it.

Never Miss a lifetime expeerience of paragliding at the majestic Ranka located at an altitude of 1200 ft and 10 km from Gangtok. It offers an excellent view of snow-covered mountains in winter and green grassy slopes in summer for the skiers. The skier is accompanied with a certified trained pilot who ensures adherence to the strict rules of the sports to ascertain the safety of the paraglider.


off vacation outdoor footpath activity Free Photo

“Don’t worry….just climb up…it’s worth it!!!”

If you would like to explore Sikkim and get off the beaten track without going to high altitude, meet the people and see the magnificent countryside and life as it really is without hordes of tourists then the Indigenous People’s Trail organized by the HillTravel Host is a perfect choice.

On the off chance that you need to sightings of the glorious snow secured piles of a portion of the major Himalayan ranges as we trekked through the lofty tree clad and terraced mountains where the neighborhood Lepchas individuals lived and developed their harvests. The guide will take you to stroll through and remain in little towns where you’ll be made extremely welcome and were you’ll be frequently encompassed by inquisitive grinning kids some of whom dependable love to converses with trekker.

It will be genuinely awesome really great, lowering and exceptional trek and encounters!!! Simply run chats with your gathering of companion to experience it more than 7 day

There is various trek location exist in Sikkim like- GoechLa trek, Dzongari Trek, Bharsey- Hilley trek, Tholung Trek, Sikkim Kanchanjunga base camp trek, Tosar Lake trek, Everest Singlila trek, North sikkim high altitude trek,  Green lake trek and other few spot.


Motorcycle seen close up Premium Photo

A bike ride through the Sikkim can be your full-body understanding, animating every one of the faculties to participate in harmony; opportunity, unity, and control. The bicycle turns into an unhampered augmentation of the rider – an experiential distinction between being outside and quite recently taking a gander at it through a window.

From north to south Sikkim and east to west Sikkim, the whole lap of the mountain in north Sikkim and zig-zag silk route is spotted with epic rides. In spite of the fact that the bends and rough scene regularly request finish focus, the ride itself gives express unwinding and a profoundly pull feeling of autonomy for all who set out to get away from the everyday.

Just don’t miss it just pull your friend and pack your bags & fly here and your bike will be waiting for you near Sikkim. This will be your one of the most memorable moment in your life.

The North Sikkim biking visit comes in different structures, for example,

– Lachung with Yumthung Valley

– Lachen with Gurudongmar Lake

– Lachen – Gurudongmar Lake and Lachung – Yumthung Valley

Also, there’s east Sikkim’s zig-zag road and south and west Sikkim’s adventures road is waiting for you too… Why miss this best experience?

For more experience & adventure please check HillTravel Happy summer trip!


Going on a bike to Hill-station?


Ever you have seen Zig Zag designed Silk Road in Zuluk, Sikkim? – In the photo, you would have love to rides there alone however as a general rule, you will have an alternate way of life.

                                                                              Zuluk Silk Route

Ever believed that self-fueled metal thing in your garage – Bike – could take you around the Himalaya? Since it can! You don’t need to be a world-class competitor to go from walking around your neighborhood to accelerating the streets off Sikkim.

Ever believed that self-fueled metal thing in your garage – Bike – could take you around the Himalaya? Since it can! You don’t need to be a world-class competitor to go from walking around your neighborhood to accelerating the streets off Sikkim.





Once in an existence, each biker have the fantasy to ride a bike in free contamination, free-clamor supposed Himalaya. Along these lines, this thing is called involvement, you can do as such many encounters. You can state that India is the main place where you can discover a lot of experience games. A portion of the spots like Gurudongmar, Nathula, Zuluk, Pelling and numerous different spots are there in Sikkim.

To what extent would you like to go in Sikkim?

While a significant number of the online journals or sites you’ll visit will discuss biking around the Sikkim, it’s vital to perceive that since you can’t take years off to bike all around, there’s dependably the choice of going for a month summer or winter – or even just possibly one week. Like some other trek, you simply need to set aside a few minutes with hillroom supportive team and will assign you is adequate for the separation you need to travel.



Where to remain overnight?

No stresses, Hillroom set out the area that has Hillstay and Hillroom for you to remain toward the finish of each day of your trip. Contingent upon the area you pick, it’s more than likely it won’t generally play out as expected. In case you’re investigating some top some portion of Sikkim, for example, a tent will be vital. Search for a tough, reduced tent with high dissemination – North Sikkim has a truly incredible alternative!

There is such a variety of other experience brandishes in Sikkim that you can appreciate like wilderness Rafting, trekking, mountain climbing, Paragliding, So locate the most appropriate action for you and the best place for the movement that you have chosen. Tell us and our steady group will arrange your trek consummately and appreciate it completely.

What would it be a good idea for you to bring? 

What you unquestionably require: Appropriate dress, phone, international ID (with visas, just in case you’re non-Indian), if Indian all you need is the neighborhood archive, water, and snacks. What else you bring relies on upon the conditions of your bike visit Toiletries. Additional Bags. Rain Suit. Prescriptions. A helmet will be given by Hillroom , in the event that you need to bring your own~ not an issue.

Hey! let’s count here and discuss with our experienced host about your future biking trip to Sikkim: Biking Adventure Sikkim we have has the answers to all your biking questions.


So is your desire to be on the most significant experience voyage through your life~ Cheer!!!